• Fantasy novelist: Alright, time to create my fantasy world. Great thing about this genre is that I can make it anything I want. Could be based on any culture in any place from any time. Could be a mix of places and times, or something newly invented by me. Yup, there is literally nothing out of bounds here.
  • Fantasy novelist: I'm gonna go with medieval England.

White violence


is the norm, not the abberation. The sudden tragic loss of life is always utterly shocking to the victims and their community, but white violence itself is the furthest thing from shocking. Almost all peoples around the world have tasted its bitter blood. It has been ongoing for five centuries, in massacres on all continents and all islands in all oceans. It manifests both as xenophobic racism where whites are the majority and genocidal colonialism where people of color are the majority. That’s practically what whiteness means: xenophobia at home, colonialism abroad. It’s what has largely shaped the modern world, yet people look around and wonder, How did we get here?